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Do you believe in spells for love?

If you do, you have a charming opportunity to tell others what you think. If you are new to the world of spells for love then you’ll be learning a few things about how lovely, good-looking witches cast their magical spells over those who are still looking for love. If you are looking for love yourself, you might just want to ask her nicely whether she wouldn’t mind casting a spell or two over your future love life. But might also want to remember that the love you seek must be genuine.

It does not matter what kind of love it is you are falling in for. It can be love at first sight or it can even be an enduring infatuation. This is not a bad thing or a sign of weakness on your part. It is only natural that you will fall for the handsome gentleman, walking every day in the park with his old faithful friend on his leash. Maybe you two have something in common. Maybe you’ve been sitting alone in your living room at night with your fluffy white jealous Maltese for a little too long.

Time to get out a bit more. Time to spread your wings and learn to fly. Who says it is only birds that can fly? Who says that it is only eagles that soar? Just how high up to the moon is entirely up to you. Your Wicca guide won’t be pushing you with her broom, that’s just a fairy tale myth, but she will be guiding you gently into the sky. That’s her passion, you see. She’s in love herself. She’s in love with love. She believes in love, so much so that she wants more and more people to fall in love.