The positive response to the application of sleep science

Who would have thought that such a term could be conjured? Well, in this day and age and in the era of the internet of things and the throes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, anything is possible, and there is basically a science for everything. It is ironic that for most of the previous century, there was not too much of a positive and practical, basically a healthy response to the so-called sleep science a concept that had already been around for most of that century.

But fortunately, for most of this current century, a wake-up call, if you will, has seen to the positive response to the upgraded and advanced applications of sleep science. Today, patients subject themselves to tests where scientists are able to monitor their erratic sleep patterns. Those who suffer from sleep apnea are, these days, closely monitored. Resultantly, there are now healthy treatments and concept devices for all deficiencies, from the inability to sleep at night to the excessive penchant for snoring.

On the subject of snoring, one of the best cures for that disability is the design, development and manufacture of the pioneering and patented Somtex pillow. The pillow essentially focuses on the neck’s posture and the manner in which individuals are inclined to lay their heads, whether to one side or entirely on the back. The Somtex mattress is an extremely positive response to the science of sleep. Mattresses are designed taking care of all biomechanical and ergonomic essentials, such as correct posture of the back while it is resting and the body’s contours, depending on how it chooses to sleep, on the side or on the back.

Even the bedclothes we dress the bed with and the pajamas we wear is responding positively to this science.