Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Custom Software Development For Your Website

Custom software development for your own website is a great way to connect with potential clients and build a following. But when your website isn’t done right, it can also have the opposite effect. You surely know of all the big red flags (cluttered home page, etc) but there are a few smaller things than can also be off putting.

The first is sort of related to cluttering your home page, but it is slightly different. Your scroll bar should not be small. Even if you think filling your home page with large, clear text and a lot of picture in a minimalistic design means it isn’t cluttered, all that goes out the window when the scroll bar goes small. Just imagine yourself clicking on a website and seeing the scroll bar shrink rapidly as all the information is loaded. In most cases, a person would think the website has way too much content to sift through and they’d simply click away. Keep your scroll bar as small as possible and the content on your website as short and sweet as possible. Avoid overly large, out of proportion pictures too. An A4 picture should never be on your website just as is. If customers want to see a product in that much detail, you can provide a zoom function with high quality pictures.

Another rookie mistake that is fatal is when the links on your homepage don’t work correctly. The typical person that clicks on the link and sees that it doesn’t work will simply click away and go to another website. Therefore, it’s crucial to test your website links from more than one device to make sure they work.